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Tenggeli Challenge 2012 騰格里沙漠挑戰賽2012

Tenggeli Challenge 2012 will be held from 19 - 23 September. Come and join us a challenge in the desert.

騰格里沙漠挑戰賽2012將於9月19 - 23日舉行。來和我們一起在沙漠中挑戰自己。

Shangri La MTB Adventure Trip 香格里拉越野單車挑戰之旅

A 4-day mountain biking adventure trip will be held in Shangri La in September. Enjoy the pleasure of riding mountain bike at 3,000 metres.

4天的香格里拉越野單車探險之遊將在9月舉行,在3千多米的香格里拉高地享受越野 單車的樂趣。

HK Top 10 香港十大高峰挑戰賽

Enrolment for “HK Top 10” has started.


Full Moon Night Run 月圓黑夜越野賽

New night trail running event will be held in Mid-Auttumn Festival this year. More information will be released soon.


Stage 2 of “HK Top 10” 香港十大高峰挑戰賽第二階段賽事

The event date for Stage 2 has been changed to 13th January 2013 as the original date clashed with other major events.


Border Run 2012 邊境越野賽2012

Enrolment for “Border Run 2012” has started.